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Welcome to EALL baseball!
    At East Athens Little League,we divide our baseball into six divisions:Tee Ball Division, Rookie Division,Minors Division,Majors Division,Junior League and Senior League.
    In the Tee Ball Division,which is coed, its all about fun and introducing the players to the sport.The practices teach the absolute basics of the game.The kids hit off of a stationary tee.During the games scores are not kept and the innings change over when all the players on the team have batted regardless of the number of outs.The player also gets to keep swinging until the ball is hit.

    In the Rookie Division we incorporate both machine pitch and player pitching during the season.EALL does not have a "coach pitch" level.We find that the machine is better due to a more consistent strike zone which allows the players to work on proper swing mechanics.The machine will pitch for the first 3-4 games then,on the coaches advice,the season will move to players pitching to players.This is very helpful,because at this level we do build an All Star team at season's end and in the All Stars there is no machine pitching.At this level the players are taught the first levels of baseball strategy,some discipline is incorporated(i.e. how to act in the dugout,being a good winner and a good loser) and how one player's position is effected by another's.

    In the Minors Division is where the season starts off with players pitching to players.At this level the players are taught more advance baseball training/techniques,baseball strategy and begin to improve their "baseball thinking".At this level team discipline is at a higher level and we encourage players to be more responsible for their equipment.We also teach them what is expected of them while on the field(i.e. pre-practice/game warm-ups,after practice/game meetings).This division is when the competition begins to "heat up".

    In the Majors Division is where it really starts to come together for players.If they have been playing since tee ball by this time they have a pretty good grasp of "Baseball Thinking",the strategies involved and why its important for all positions to work together to accomplish the team's goals.Team discipline is expected to be higher than the other little league divisions.This is the player's last chance at being called a Little Leaguer.After this,its junior/senior leagues,junior varsity,varsity and who knows where else!

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